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Jools Andres & Kathleen Ainscough
Our intention is to help facilitate release of restricting stories and habits to reveal new pathways to artistic freedom. Embodiment and sensory awareness awaken intuitive response, curiosity, and imagination in a fun, supportive retreat environment.

Our Spring Immersion was a perfect Easter getaway for curious, creative women from the Lower Mainland, Bowen Island, and the Sunshine Coast.

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Kathleen and Jools' combined creative forces, tender guidance, and heartfelt compassion resulted in a powerful, liberating retreat.
Susan H, actor and yoga teacher
I loved it and hope to attend another Wild Onion event soon. The exercises around sight and sound were powerful. I was more than pleased and have nothing but compliments.
Elizabeth M, retired psychologist
The art activities were wonderful, exploratory experiences. As a complete novice to yoga, I felt engaged and supported. The closing meditation was beautiful. I left wanting to do more!
Heather N, nurse educator
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