restore your body

You will be expertly guided through yoga and movement practices tailored to accommodate all levels of ability and intention.

Active practices energise, invigorate the creative impulse, and heighten senses and intuition.

Restorative sessions deeply soothe the body and neutralize stress responses, which enhance levels of inner peace, self-trust, and equanimity. Deep emotional shifts may also occur.

Do not worry if you have no experience with yoga. Movement will be tailored to suit everyone at their own level. Beginners and seasoned practitioners will be fully accommodated.

revitalize your creativity

You will participate in silent and guided meditations, journalling, and experiential ventures into the rich surroundings of the facilities.

Sensory tuning and inner listening form the "ground substance."

Workshops to facilitate explorations in layering and mark making with fabric, papers, paints, stencils, and found materials provide a framework for spontaneous creativity.

Those drawn to create in any art form and at all levels are invited to expand boundaries and tap into sensory experience and inner awakenings. No previous experience is necessary.

renew your spirit

Wild Onion Retreats are held at locations carefully chosen to accommodate all program elements. We encourage you to participate fully in the retreat experience by immersing yourself. Choose accommodations that truly restore, nurture yourself with healthy catering options, and expand your horizons by enjoying local delights beyond the retreat facilities.