About Jools & Kathleen

Jools and Kath are very in tune with each other.
Their inner calm and warmth is palpable. Lovely.
- Janice M, performing artist

Jools Andrés

Yoga / movement, meditation, journaling

Jools has worked as a writer, designer, and editor since 1985. She studied graphic design at UCLA Extension and has had three books published, two of which she illustrated. Her articles, photography, poetry, award-winning fiction, and narrative non-fiction have been published in magazines, regional and national newspapers, collections, and literary journals.

Jools earned a degree in depth psychology and creative writing from Antioch University Seattle; studies encompassed world religions and mythologies, visual and literary arts, Western psychology, and spiritual transformation. Drawing on her work in these areas, her summative focus was on the creative process. She later earned advanced certifications in expressive play therapy, clinical counselling, and hypnotherapy.

In addition to teaching and writing, Jools is studying in a 2-year IAYT-accredited yoga therapy training program taking place in Vancouver, BC and Chennai, India, completion 2019. She is currently working with students in the areas of pain care, impaired mobility, and yoga for PTSD.

A senior yoga teacher (ERYT 500), Jools is lead trainer in a registered yoga teacher training program (RYS 200) and offers mentorships to new and seasoned yoga teachers.

Jools dances regularly with a 5Rhythms group in Vancouver and maintains a strong Zen Buddhist meditation practice. She is dedicated to befriending and awakening the body through both invigorating and restorative practices, spontaneous expression, curiosity, and conscious surrender to moments of stillness.


Kathleen Ainscough

Mixed-media art

Kath has studied and created fine art, costumes, and textile arts for over 30 years. She works with a variety of media and techniques including free-motion machine embroidery, handmade papers, digital image transfer, mono printing, and stenciling with dyes and paints. She also creates pieces using raised plaster, natural oxides, oil and acrylic paints.

Early studies at Emily Carr led Kathleen to work in props and costuming for a variety of dance and TV productions and feature films. Her education at Capilano University included diplomas in studio arts, textile arts, and ceramics and introduced her to surface design; she actively creates, exhibits, and teaches in these areas.

Wild Onion Retreats  was established in 2016 with partner, Jools Andres. Together they provide dynamic, rejuvenating Creative Embodiment retreats, combining movement, sensory experiences and multi-layered art workshops through reconnecting to intuition and self-confidence.

As one of the founding members of Foxglove Fibre Arts Cooperative (1999−2005) on Bowen Island, Kath has managed events and exhibits and facilitated a variety of workshops highlighting international fibre artists and experts. Kath offers mixed media painting workshops on an ongoing basis and teaches the popular Eat Drink Paint series for the Bowen Island Arts Council Gallery.

In 2016 Kath completed a 100-hour yoga sadhana training, a natural progression for her many years of practice and inspires a deeper connection to intuition and creativity.


Kathleen and Jools weave elements from their respective areas of expertise to create dynamic, rejuvenating experiences. Together we explore the senses through our bodies, witness our authentic, creative selves, and produce fresh, multi-layered art by reconnecting to a sense of freedom and safety.

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Photos of Jools and Kath: Steve Sidaway